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The First Graduates of Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong

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Happy 2010!

Dec. 31, 2009 ended with Qigong and a prayerful meditation to bring in fresh energy for the new year and to give gratitude for all the wonderful events that transpired in 2009 including:

2009 RLWQ Graduates

Isabelle, Jenn, Colleen and Chriss hold “koala-ty” mementos on RLWQ graduation day…

~ graduating my first four teachers from Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong - congratulations again to Colorado residents Isabelle Mollien, Jennifer Wood, Colleen Cannon, and Chriss Cowan – I am proud to have you represent RLWQ and to hear of the lives you are touching and the many more you will serve with your knowledge, skill and heart!

2009: RLQ in US, Canada, Australia, China, Europe…

2009 marked more teaching and travel than ever – I was privileged to share Qigong across the US, Canada, Australia, China, and for the first time, Europe – a special thank you to my friends/hosts in Poland, Hungary, Holland, Germany and Sweden ~ Dave, Ania, Afsaneh, Tjie Lie and Gie, Maria and Ulla-Brit ~ your love and support, along with friends and students in your communities -  has made teaching both a privilege and a joy!  I look forward to sharing Qigong with you again this year and learning more about the uniqueness of your cultures and countries!

I also had the pleasure of co-teaching with my dearest friend, Francesco Garripoli at the National Qigong Association conference last year and in China on our annual Qigong study trip.

Qigong Study Trips to Thailand & China!

This year, there will be 2 Qigong Study Trips - one in April to Thailand, and our 13th annual Qigong study trip to China (the latter always the last two weeks of September as in previous years)!

To register or to learn more, contact either Francesco or myself or visit us at

Daisy in Beijing at the ‘Temple of Heaven

I also had the privilege of teaching in Dallas on World Tai Chi and Qigong Day in Dallas, hosted by my dear friends Chris and Fayne Bouguyon (and supported by sons Kamin, Jaden and Galen!)  Kudos to Bill and Angela Douglas for their heartfelt efforts and hard work in the ever-expanding World Tai Chi & Qigong Day events every April 24 weekend!

I had a wonderful time in Dallas and though I will be in Thailand same time this year, I will be in Dallas to teach the last two weeks of March.  To learn more about my schedule there, visit Chris, himself a talented Tai Chi and Qigong teacher, has other wonderful instructors who will be visiting Dallas and sharing their talents in the coming months!

As well, a 2010 tigress hug to my beautiful friends from Elevate Films in L.A., Nadia Salamanca and Mikki Willis – not only for providing the space

at Elevate Presents Studio for my workshop last year, but spending time with you is always a treat!  Check out Mikki and Nadia’s recent films on Rev. Michael Beckwith of “The Secret” fame!

Daisy with LA friends Daryll Marchant, Sandy Vallone, Nadia Salamanca and Japanese friend, Masako.

Radiant Lotus Qigong Worldwide?

By popular demand, this year’s Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong teacher certifications will take place across the country. This means extensive travel for me, but it is my hope to empower more qualified teachers to share this Qigong so that radiant health is possible for my “sisters” around the globe.

2010 RLWQ Teacher Certifications

January 22-29 – Kapa’a, KAUA’I – email me for more info.

February 19-26 – San Francisco (Kentfield), CALIFORNIA:

email Denise Aubin at for more info.

March 8-12 – Vero Beach, FLORIDA: contact John Walcott of for more info.

March 19-26 – Dallas, TEXAS:  to be confirmed – contact Chris Bouguyon at for more info.

*Possible RLWQ teacher certifications will also take place in Europe…more as we continue our planning!

January 2010 Workshops

My love also to Sandy Vallone for putting together a spontaneous workshop in Torrance nearby…

…and I must share with you a funny story that speaks to the trust I have in the universe…Sandy and I met due to a friend who pirated our Beginning Practice DVD and gave a copy to Sandy…Sandy then called to ask if I would consider doing a workshop in LA area. How could I refuse her sparkling, forthright energy?  I have yet to meet Sandy’s friend (she lives in Michigan actually), but I want to thank her for this humorous introduction to Sandy who has become a wonderful new friend to me!

Saturday, January 16:

I will be in LA on January 16 to do another (almost spontaneous) workshop thanks to Sandy Vallone’s enthusiastic planning, and look forward to seeing my LA tribe again soon! Call Sandy at (310) 502-6149 for details or check on my site’s Event Calendar.

Saturday, January 9:

On Saturday, January 9, I will be in Steamboat Springs, Colorado for a full day of teaching (2 half day programs, co-ed first, women in the second half). Thank you to dear friend/soul sister, Cheri Trousil of Humble Ranch for hosting me once again in gorgeous Steamboat Springs, the training ground for winter Olympic athletes! For details, email me or call Cheri at (970) 870-8441 to register.

Sunday, January 3:

For now, preparing to teach tomorrow, January 3, at Next Level Training Studio in Arvada/Wheatridge in Colorado…

another spontaneous event put together by my multi-talented friend – personal trainer/Qigong/Yoga/Tai Chi Teacher/musician/healer/mixed martial artist Brian “Seraiah” Wood…

and his wonderful veterinarian sister, Stacey, an enthusiastic newcomer to Qigong.  I look forward to meeting new students and introducing them to the empowering self-healing techniques of Qigong! For more info or to register, call Brian at (720) 938-9088.

I’ll be back soon with more updates, including workshops in Sydney and Byron Bay, Australia in February, and in the meantime, send you all much  love, light, and a r-r-r-r-roaring transition into the Chinese ‘Year of the Tiger’!

Much Love and Warmest Aloha To All,



5 Responses to “The First Graduates of Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong”
  1. mary brinker says:

    This is the most amazing,kind,loving,talented,and FUN woman you will ever get the opportunity to meet..Take any class she offers and you will become a new person..I did!! Loving you from afar Daisy!!!

    • daisy_lee says:

      Dearest Mary,

      Thank you so much for your loving and joyful support of my work – I am simply reflecting back who you are!

      Love and Big E-Hugs from SF where I’m doing my next teacher certification beginning Feb. 19! ~ Daisy

    • daisy_lee says:

      Dearest Mary,

      Thank you for your loving thoughts…you are in my heart always and if I ever find myself tired from a long day on the road, I just have to think of yours and Mike’s laughter which brings my qi up immediately! I send you much love and aloha and am on my way to Thailand now to lead a Qigong study trip with Francesco. Wishing you much love, peace, joy and vibrant health always, <3 ~ Daisy

  2. Hi Daisy

    I am a Midwife who works in both NZ and the UK teaching yoga to Midwives and Childbirth Educators as well as practising midwifery.

    I practise Qi Gong most mornings, and would really like to incorporate this into my work as i feel this would benefit women in pregnany Childbirth and postnatal period.

    My thoughts are if you would be doing a Workshop in NZ, Australia or the UK in the near future.

    Kind Regards


    • daisy_lee says:

      Hi Wendy,

      My apologies for taking a while to get back to you…it has been rather busy teaching across the US. I do teach in Australia almost every year, so perhaps we can coordinate something for next year in NZ with the Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong. Let’s discuss the possibility for something to happen in 2011 if our schedules coincide. I think it would help many women to know these techniques, both on the prevention side and as a complementary treatment modality to support western practices.

      Take good care and my best wishes for the wonderful work you are doing.

      Warm Regards,


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