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2013 June 21 – Summer Solstice Update!

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Aloha and Happy Summer Solstice To All!

It has been over a year (!) since my last entry…my apologies for being such a terrible blogger while I’ve been on the road, but let me pick up where I left off in April 2012…

1st European RLWQ Teacher Training

I had the great honor of teaching throughout Europe last summer in Hungary, Italy, Greece, Spain, Germany and Amsterdam (photo album updates are available on my Facebook page) as well as holding the first European RLWQ Teacher Training in Oswiecim (Auschwitz), Poland.  Fifteen women came to the certification from across Poland as well as Sweden, Czech Republic and Germany.

Poland RLWQ Teacher Certification 2012

15 Incredible, Sassy, Empowered Women from the Poland RLWQ Teacher Certification 2012

Sharing the ancient Chinese health exercise of Qigong with the European nations in the past few years has filled me with unexpected joy. I could not anticipate the eagerness or interest for Qigong, but as a sign of the changing times, our women’s RLWQ certification was held in a Salesian monastery where men in long, black robes and stiff, white collars nodded at us with a mixture of well-concealed curiosity and staid composure.  The teaching went extremely well until one of my students, in a moment of daring exuberance, started to practice the Self-Massage routine in front of Saint Don Bosco’s statue outside the church.  I could see a shocked father peeking out from behind closed curtains, aghast at what passersby might think had befallen his libertarian parishioners.  Compelled to save my host from reproach, I asked that my European sisters refrain from practicing in the great outdoors that week, at least in full view of the church grounds, though they were free to practice without restriction in the beautiful room we had rented.  Qigong had proven to be the most freeing of practices for some…

In light of and in spite of this folly, a very special thank you goes to my wonderful host, Halina Koziol, for organizing the European program, to Marzenna Rączkowska and Kaxia Kowalewska for translating the week-long certification as well as the public lectures, and to Maciej Goralski, for having me do another presentation at the Asian Arts Gallery so that many more people would continue to learn and be empowered by Qigong.  I would be remiss not to share my deepest gratitude to Hanna Kwiatkowska for first bringing me to Poland and hosting me three and two years ago. Hanna is a tour de force in her quiet, humble way and none of this would have been possible without her initial invitation.  Thank you all for your combined faith, love and support!

1st Australian RLWQ Teacher Training

After my European tour, I returned to teach in the US before making my way Down Under for another first:  the first Australian RLWQ Teacher Certification!  The more I see how women are transforming their lives through this work, the more I realize that empowering women in their health and healing is the answer to so much of what ails society.  Empowered women are a gift to the world, and when women have their health, their families and our society can blossom into the fullness of their creative expression.

First Australian RLWQ Teacher Certification in November 2012 with seriously cheeky,  solar-powered, women of light from across Australia and New Zealand!

First Australian RLWQ Teacher Certification in November 2012 with seriously cheeky,
solar-powered, women of light from across Australia and New Zealand!

 Women’s Statistics…More Work To Be Done

If the idea should strike you as ridiculous because you assume that women are already free and empowered, consider that American women only obtained the right to vote in 1920, following the end of the first World War which, by the way, was not a woman’s idea – WWI, that is.  I suppose if it took a world war to give women the right to vote, it achieved something positive.

Whether in war time or in times of peace, we must collectively find a way to end the violence perpetrated on women, not only on western soil, but in all societies where girls and women are oppressed and prevented from the right to be educated or to stand peaceably for what they believe in without being violated, such as happened with Malala Yousafzai, the 14-year old Pakistani girl who was shot and nearly killed by the Taliban for supporting education for girls.

Great strides have been made on behalf of women, yet it is evident that much still needs to be done to give voice to “half the sky”.  And how that sky would speak if women were truly empowered!  There is much too much that keeps women oppressed and robs them of dignity.  In Hawai’i alone, stats reveal that one in seven women have been forcibly raped at some point in her lifetime, and almost half of all single women with children live in poverty in the proverbial “Land of Aloha”.  Additionally, because Hawai`i is a tourist mecca, international hub, and military headquarters, girls are being lured into prostitution. The average age of entry into prostitution in Honolulu is 14 years old, but can be as young as 9 years of age. A study done in the year 2000 found that Honolulu was a hub for sexually exploited children trafficked in from countries such as Australia, Cambodia, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Laos, China, the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Canada, Mexico, and from within the United States.

I am shocked at the statistics on violence and injustice against girls and women on these beautiful islands alone, and that so many of us are unaware of the sad state of affairs in one of the world’s most romanticized island states.  

Knowledge is Power & Health is Wealth!

Cancer rates too are higher in the West than almost any Third World country, with 1 in 8 women contracting breast cancer compared to 1 in 10,000 in China.  There is clearly much work to be done to educate and empower women with knowledge on self-care and self-esteem so that these numbers change.  It is one of the reasons I continue to teach in different parts of the world as I am a firm believer that, “It is better to teach a village how to fish than to bring the village a fish dinner.”  Knowledge is power and health is wealth!

RLWQ:Worldwide Women’s Health & Empowerment Project

Multi ethnic women hands on each other shoulder.jpg

With this in mind, the techniques within Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong that are part of my Worldwide Women’s Health and Empowerment Project (WWHEP) are designed to empower women with practical,  cost-effective, do-it-yourself health information such as Qigong, proper nutrition, self-defense and other techniques that support health and vibrancy in women.  In this way, “half the sky” have the potential to heal themselves without depending on an over-burdened medical or welfare system.  This is one of the reasons I made the decision to certify women teachers to share this information with other women in their communities.  I cannot do this work alone and trust that women who are ready to support one another in this initiative are going to learn these and other empowering tools to raise our community up to its highest potential.  I certainly don’t have the answers to solve the woes of the world, but I do have something useful to teach that can be passed on to those who are ready to take personal responsibility for their own health and well-being. There is no reason that women need to suffer in ignorance when there is so much wisdom that has been passed down through the generations in this fortuitous age of information.  It is time for all brave souls, men and women, to step up and support the empowerment of women worldwide if we are to create a more healthy, harmonious world for our children and those who follow in their footsteps.

80 Certified RLWQ Teachers in 9 Countries

We now have 80 women in 9 countries teaching RLWQ. It has been a steady  growth process, and one which I trust will support and nurture our sisters/daughters/mothers towards their sovereignty with each passing year. With these numbers, hundreds if not thousands of women will benefit from this teaching, and perhaps in time, “half the sky” will truly be empowered to share their love, wisdom and creativity with the world.

Thank you to all the men and women who support this work in North America and overseas.  I am grateful for those who carry the torch for the women they love, for in so doing, you light up the whole sky and not only half, by empowering those who are ready to rise like a radiant lotus through stagnant waters , breaking through the “mud” of life to embrace the light within and beyond.

Upcoming: Workshops, China Study Trip & RLWQ Training

In my next blog, a schedule update for the remainder of the year, including workshops in Canada, Amsterdam and Poland this summer; our China Qigong Study Trip  in September, and the next American RLWQ Teacher Certification in Honolulu, Oahu this November…plus the future of Radiant Lotus Qigong, including an updated logo, website, Teachers Page, and more! Please feel free to check my Calendar section for details if you’d like to learn further about current offerings.

I look forward to playing Qigong with you, whether in person or through my DVD’s for those of you who are  not able to join me or one of my certified instructors for a class.  As always, my best wishes for your most radiant health, and warmest aloha to all!

~ Daisy





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  1. Aloha Daisy, you are a gift to the world – and to those of us who know and love you. Knowing that you are empowering women, helping them unlock their power and health, makes it easier for us to miss you while you are away from home and traveling the world. We look forward to more blogs from you. Hugs!

    • daisy_lee says:

      Aloha Pam! Thank you for your loving thoughts…indeed I will miss my beautiful Kaua’i home and dear friends like you who make it worth returning home to! With deepest gratitude for your love and kindness always… ((( <3 )))

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