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Update: Thailand Qigong Study Trip, March 25 – April 8, 2012

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Home to Kaua’i

Hawaiian Hibiscus at Kahuna Valley

I promised myself this year I would return home at least once every season.  On Kaua’i that means the wet season, the even-wetter season, and the drying-out-from-the-wet season.  You can’t claim the garden isle to be “the wettest spot on earth” without some drenching downpours!   Fortunately, with rain also comes rainbows and the hope of a brighter, dryer tomorrow – which has arrived upon my return from Thailand where my friend and collaborator, Francesco Garripoli, co-led a Qigong study trip with me.

Highlights of 2012 Thailand Qigong Study Trip

Dear friends, Brian Seraiah Wood, Maria Silen & Cheri Trousil “feeding the fish” with our feet – the newest thing to hit Asian spas!

There were many memorable moments, but I’ve reduced it to these few:

1. Sharing this trip with students who have become my dearest friends over the years.

2.  Celebrating my birthday without a storm for the first time in…how many years??  My, how the mind forgets little unimportant details after a certain age!  (And yes, it counts, even if we crossed the international date line and the storm would have fallen on April 3  in America!)

3. Seeing students let go of their fears and break through old patterns of thinking and behavior as they practiced Qigong each day and received incomparable healing treatments.

4.  Observing the mutual love and  support in our group as we all entered unfamiliar territory together. Is there anything greater than extending and receiving love and friendship as strangers become friends…or at least, a little less strange! :)

5.  The magnificent tigers, elephants and Thai people, of course!

New friends from Thailand

Facebook Friends

I will save my insufficient words and direct you instead to photos that better tell the story of our wondrous adventure.  If you are not already on Facebook, please feel free to “friend” me on my Facebook page if you’d like to see the smiling faces of 25 Qi-filled friends, tigers, elephants, pink taxis, golden temples and more!

Daisy having a grrrrreat time with tiger cub

Upcoming Schedule

In my next entry, an update of my schedule for the coming weeks and months, including a workshop series on Kaua’i (April 17-23) with Tai Chi Master and renowned author/PBS-TV host, Arthur Rosenfeld.

I look forward to connecting and sharing Qi with you this Spring and Summer!

Until soon and with much love and warmest aloha always,


From Thailand with Love


2 Responses to “Update: Thailand Qigong Study Trip, March 25 – April 8, 2012”
  1. Joy says:

    LOVED the pic of you all ‘feeding the fish with your feet’, Daisy!! Can tell there was so much love and great energy on that trip!!! Thanks for helping to make our world a better place.
    And thanks for adding to the joy of my day.
    : )

    Enjoy being home!

    Peace and Love,

    • daisy_lee says:

      Thank you for your sweet thoughts, Joy! We did have a great group and it was probably the most fun I’d ever had on a Qigong study trip! I hope you can join us one day. :) In the meantime, sending you warmest wishes and joy-filled Qi! <3

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