Friday, October 20, 2017

2017 Schedule

Daisy and Francisco’s Teaching Tour

(* The schedule continues to evolve so do return often and check to see what the latest updates are or check the “Calendar” section of this site for most recent and detailed descriptions of programs.) Here are the programs that will be shared this year

RLWQ Level 1 for Women

RLWQ Level 2 for Women

Organ Cleansing Qigong (co-ed)

Half the Sky’ Program  for Women (NEW!)

Sifu Francisco Mena’s Shamanic Qigong & Wu Qin Xi (5 Animal Qigong)


April 12:  Toronto, CANADA:  RLWQ Level 2 Instructors Practice Session (for RLWQ 2 Instructors Only)  For more information please contact Ali Stark at

April 18:  Toronto, CANADA:  RLWQ Levels 1 & 2 Practice Session (open to all instructors) For more information, please contact Karusia Wroblewski at

May 15 – 24: Madrid, SPAIN: QIGONG RETREAT with Daisy and Francisco Mena - our students have been insisting on more extensive studies in a retreat setting. Francisco will be sharing Shamanic Qigong and 5 Animal Qigong while Daisy teaches a mix of Organ Cleansing, Wuji Hundun and Radiant Lotus Qigong .  Finally we have designed a program that will deepen your studies while enjoying delicious Spanish tapas, local, organic food and the beauty of the Spanish countryside. Focus will be on training in a spectacular, Qi-infused, environmentally-conscious mountain retreat, and time will be made to visit Spain’s most sacred sites (as well as those “not found on a tourist map”).  To be on the mailing list for our Spanish Spring Retreat, please email  Contact:

June 1: Warsaw, POLAND: Open Presentation in Poland. Contact: Kasia at

June 3: Warsaw, POLAND: Qigong for Renewal (joint, muscle, tendon preparation techniques for Tai Chi Fan in 2018) Open to all levels of practitioners, both men and women.  Contact: Kasia at

June 4: Warsaw, POLAND: 5 Animal Qigong with Francisco Mena. Contact: Kasia at

June 9-11: Steamboat Springs, COLORADO:Half the Sky – Women’s Healing & Empowerment Retreat‘. (Open to all women, all levels of experience.)  Contact: Cheri at

June 16-18: Salinas, KANSAS:Half the Sky – Women’s Healing & Empowerment Retreat’. (Open to all women, all levels of experience.)  Contact Willow at

June 23-29: Lenox, MASSACHUSETTS – EASTOVER: Daisy and midwife, Terri Nash, will be teaching various women’s Qigong programs, along with other masters in this week-long retreat at Eastover.  (Open to all women, all levels of experience.)  Reserve at

July 9-11: Stockbridge, MASSACHUSETTS: Daisy will be teaching Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong at Kripalu. (Open to all women, all levels of experience.)  To reserve:

July 10, 7:30 – 9 pm:  Stockbridge, MASSACHUSETTS – Kripalu: Sampler / FREE Intro Evening open to both men and women! To learn more, register with Luke Breslin at

July 12-18: Fairfield, CONNECTICUT: Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong, Level 2 Instructor Certification with Daisy & Terri. (Pre-requisites for certification: must be  Certified RLWQ 1 Instructors, otherwise you may attend for personal development only)  Contact: Julie at

July 21-24: Berlin, GERMANY: Organ Cleansing Qigong Instructor Certification *co-ed with Daisy.  (Pre-requisites necessary for instructor certification, or attend for personal development only.) Contact: Daisy at

July 28-31: Wassenaar, NETHERLANDS: Contact: Hanneke at

Fri: Francisco: 5 Animal Qigong Beginner’s Set (Hua Tuo’s original form from Bo Zhou, China)

Sat: Daisy: Wuji Hundun Qigong (18 Movements)

Sun: Francisco: Crane Qigong

Mon: Daisy: Lotus Rises Form for Women

August 1 -6: NETHERLANDS: Health Readings with Daisy (must be booked in advance with Hanneke)

August 11-13: Helsinki, FINLAND: Daisy and Francisco teach for the first time in Finland.  Organ Cleansing Qigong, Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong with Daisy and Primordial Qigong with Francisco. Contacts: Satu at or Taina at

August 18 – 20:  MARYLAND:  Daisy and midwife Terri Nash bring ‘Half the Sky – Women’s Healing & Empowerment Retreat‘ to the East Coast.  Contact:  Jeri at .

August 25-30: Phoenicia, NEW YORK: Daisy presents at the Immortal Sisters Conference. Reservations:

September 1-3: Florence, MASSACHUSETTS: Daisy and Terri’s Half the Sky – Women’s Healing & Empowerment Program.  (Open to all women, all levels of experience.)  Contact: Nini at

September 16 – 17:  San Diego, CALIFORNIA:  Daisy returns to SD after several years to share Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong.  Contact:   Vanessa Wilde at

September 23 – 24:  Bielsko, POLAND:  Daisy will share a weekend of RLWQ:  16-Movement Lotus Rises Healing Form.  Contact:  Halina Kozioł at

September 26 – Oct. 2: Pulawy, POLAND - Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong, Level 1 Instructor Certification.  This is the only RLWQ 1 instructor program this  year.  Pre-requisites required, however the program can be taken for personal development if you don’t qualify for certification.  Contact: Kasia Ciołkowska at

 * …and other programs pending…check now and then for updates or go to Calendar section for details.