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Winter & Spring 2011 Workshops: Toronto, Colorado, Costa Rica, Florida, San Francisco…

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Arvada & Steamboat Springs, CO Workshops

2011 had  begun with a burst of qi, with  workshops in Arvada and Steamboat Springs, Colorado in January sold out.

Another Colorado series begins on April 2 at Perry Mansfield Community Center in Steamboat Springs and again in Arvada on April 9 & 10 at Rock Hard Fitness.  Thank you to my dear friends, Brian Wood, of Dragon Tao Martial Arts for hosting me at this mixed martial arts gym, and Cheri Trousil of Humble Ranch for bringing together another enthusiastic group of “repeat offenders” and newcomers to Qigong. It is always a pleasure to share Qigong in this beautiful mountain state and I am blessed by the loving support and friendship that welcomes me every time I teach there.

Qigong – the New Yoga of the 21st Century

Judging by the response in Colorado and  Toronto where an additional workshop was added on January 15 due to the January 9 & 16 programs selling out, Qigong is becoming the “new yoga” of the 21st century.  Thank you to Sifu Rupert Harvey of Golden Harmony Kung Fu and Dr. Xiaolan Zhao of Xiaolan Health Centre for their ever-present love and support in Toronto.

Women’s College Hospital Welcomes Qigong

Daisy will be presenting a Qigong program for the staff and volunteers at Women’s College Hospital, a top-notch teaching hospital that was started in 1911 to meet the needs of women and their families in Toronto. This is a great opportunity for East and West to bring forward what works in medical care, combining self-care techniques from the ancient past with the advanced technologies of the present. Together we can empower the healing potential of each individual!

Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong – Toronto Teacher Certification

The teacher certification for the Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong was held January 22-28. This 7-day, self-healing intensive that was held in downtown Toronto at Dr. Xiaolan Zhao’s clinic.  Those who were already Qigong or Tai Chi instructors, or who were TCM practitioners were able to apply for the teacher certification and needed to pass a practical exam and do an oral presentation at the end of the program. The program could also be used as a self-healing retreat for those not ready for certification.  To learn more, contact us.

Thank you for making a difference to yourself and those you love with your Qigong practice. I look forward to “playing Qigong” with you in 2011, and wish you peace, joy and radiant health throughout the year!


19 Responses to “Winter & Spring 2011 Workshops: Toronto, Colorado, Costa Rica, Florida, San Francisco…”
  1. Richie Bakove says:

    Dear Daisy,
    Ijust wanted to thank you soooo much for your recent visit to our wonderful state of Colorado. I attended your workshop with my wife
    elaine & my teacher Steve Bradley.. I can’t express what your presence alone does for me..I have been battling many health and soul issues and once again you lifted me from my struggles. I am so blessed to have met you a few years ago and now again. you are very special and I am convinced that you truly walk with angels. Much love and especially Qi. Come back soon

    • daisy_lee says:

      Dear Richie,
      Thank you and Elaine so much for joining me in Wheatridge for the workshop. It was a pleasure to play Qigong with you both, and to see your smiling faces again. You are in my thoughts and prayers, and I am honored that you took the time to come out and share your Qi with me again. Take good care of each other and see you next time I’m in Colorado. Much Love and Hugs, ~ Daisy

  2. Hi Daisy

    I have heard wonderful comments about your teaching.

    Will you be offering your teacher’s certification course in Western Canada?

    I teach pilates out of my studio, Inside Out Pilates, in West Kelowna B.C. Qigong is a beautiful companion to pilates teaching of wellness from the inside out.

    I love my qigong practice and continue to practice and study on my own as Qigong teaching is difficult to find in Alberta or B.C. Canada. I am currently studing Lee Holden’s “Health and Healing”, you and Francesco Garripoli, and reading the Healing Promises of Qi by Roger Jahnke. Sooooo interesting!

    Please come out and teach your course in Kelowna or advize me where to go in Western Canada or Hawaii to attend your teacher certification course for Women’s Qigong.

    Thank you!
    With a passion

    • daisy_lee says:

      Hi Gail,

      Thank you for your kind thoughts. I don’t have any plans to do a teacher certification in Western Canada as I don’t know enough students to do one there. Perhaps in the future we can create enough energy around it to make that possible though! :) I do make it to the west coast in the US to teach, such as in San Francisco if that would ever be an option for you.

      I wish you much peace, joy and yes, passion in all your pursuits.

      Warm Regards,


  3. lola says:

    when will the next workshop for non-practioners take place in Toronto? thanks

    • daisy_lee says:

      Hi Lola,
      I usually make it to Toronto once a year and just finished teaching there in January…so perhaps next January will be the next time. Thanks for your interest and support!

  4. Eraine Wegiel says:

    Daisy, you are amazing. I am starting to understand your joy in teaching. The RLWQ is also amazing. One of my students is absolutely blow away with the experience. She totally feels a connection and benefit after only 2 class sessions! It is wonderful.

    I am also excited, but ?humbled? I actually cannot describe the feeling… but I have begun to practice some meditative hand mudras… and the I find the sensation of the energy almost overwhelming, and… I can now visualize the energy! I am so ‘hooked’ that I will skip my breaks at work to practice the mudras and experience it all over again.

    Wow… is all I can say.

    Please reserve me a spot for the Colorado Qigong Cleansing and Strengthening teacher certification. Once confirmed I can watch for ticket sales and reserve early.

    I look forward to seeing you then. And thank you, to you and to Francesco.

    Journey safely, love Eraine

    • daisy_lee says:

      Hi Eraine!

      Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience of RLWQ. I’m so happy for you and your student! I look forward to you taking the Level II RLWQ training as it includes the Kwan Yin Star Song and Lotus Rises From the Water form that women I’ve been teaching love so much.

      Regarding the Colorado ‘Qigong for Cleansing’ teacher certification, our plan is to have the 3-day certification after I return from China and Hong Kong on the third weekend of October (Oct. 21-23). Francesco is working out more details, so I will ask him to confirm the dates asap and let you know for sure.

      Thanks for your energy and enthusiasm, Eraine. I am so proud of you! Keep shining brightly! ~ Daisy

  5. Kimerly says:

    Oh Dear Daisy! I just read your comments about Qigong Cleansing possibly Oct 21-23 in Colorado. You know I want to certify in that also, and learn Kwan Yin Star Song. October 20-23 is the ‘Building Bridges of Integration’ conference in D.C. I’ve not registered, but was looking forward to learning more from Thea Elijah, as I love the way she teaches TCM principles. Now I may have to make a choice between 2 wonderful options. I will wait and see what Francesco works out, for the scheduling in CO. You are first choice, if it comes to that. Peace on your journeys! Still dreaming Thailand in the future, but not this year….2nd granddaughter will be arriving in a few weeks! Hugs, Kimerly

    • daisy_lee says:

      Bien Venida from Costa Rica, Kimerly! Congratulations on the newest family member on its way. And yes, Oct. 21 weekend is the Cleansing Qigong certification! I hope you can make it to Colorado for that!

      All is going so well here in CR…a really wonderful group, and will be going south to Dominical to teach after the programs in Arenal near the volcano.

      Please give my love to Hunter and hugs to you both!

      Love ~ Daisy

  6. Eraine says:

    Dear Daisy,

    Your travels sound like they are going well. Stay safe but have fun! May I register for the Qigong for Cleansing certification now? If so, where do I send my information for this? Will the class in the East be held in Toronto? I am leaning towards taking the class in Colorado. My classes are going well in RLWQ. My students amaze me often and are so much fun. Tonight they have decided that a potluck dinner is necessary in order for us to keep up and chat without interupting their qigong class. Too fun! Love Eraine :O)

    • daisy_lee says:

      Dear Eraine,
      So great to hear of your progress…I am happy for you and your students. Will you be registering for the Colorado certification from Oct. 7-9? I also have programs happening in Virginia (May and August) and Kaua’i (November). You can check my website schedule and we’ll discuss more from there. Take good care and enjoy teaching! xoxo

      • Eraine Wegiel says:

        I would love to register for the Colorado class. The dates are perfect for me since they are over the Thanks Giving weekend. Please put my name down for Colorado.

        Is the Gaiam facility easy to get to? How is driving in the area. Much busier than Kauai I suppose.


  7. Gina Spencer says:

    Dearest Daisy, It was such a pleasure to meet you at the Steamboat Springs class. I was so inspired and moved! I now see how important Qigong is in our lives. I am moved to practice both techiques daily and even have my husband, Ron, is doing the practices with me. I also was moved beyond words when I met with you personaly. Daisy, the advice and loving words from you and my guides will remain within my heart forever…I was profoundly moved to my soul!

    I am looking forward to doing more classes with you and would be honored to take your Qigong Cleansing Class Oct. 20-23! I would love to pass this wisdom on to others!

    With love, peace and blessings!
    Gina Spencer

    • daisy_lee says:

      Dear Gina,
      Thank you for your kind thoughts. I was happy to share the information you needed to support you on your healing journey. How great that your husband is doing Qigong with you now too!

      Regarding the Qigong for Cleansing certification, the dates are changed to Oct. 7-9…thank for the reminder to update my website now that it’s confirmed. The program will be in Louisville outside of Boulder at the Gaiam facility, the folks who helped us make our Qigong exercise DVD’s. I will share more details once Francesco and I have finalized all other details.

      Thank you for your presence and unfolding wisdom as you embrace the path of Qigong. I look forward to seeing you again in the near future, Gina.

      Love and Hugs,


  8. Carol Plotnick says:

    Dear Daisy,

    Mother’s Day weekend was made all the more special when I participated in your Saturday, May 7, Women’s Qigong workshop at Blueberry Gardens [Ashton, MD]. How blessed the group was to have you in our area!

    Since Fall 2010, I have been practicing Karl Ardo’s 20 medical qigong movements. Now I have some wonderful additional movements to incorporate into my daily routine. Your wisdom and insight into how our bodies function is priceless. Thank you for everything.

    I will be attending the NQA convention this August. I noticed that you’re on the agenda, so I hope I have the opportunity to see you again and to participate in a workshop with you.


    • daisy_lee says:

      Dear Carol,
      I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed the workshop, and thank you for taking the time to join me! I will look forward to seeing you in PA in August!

      Until soon and with warmest aloha,


  9. Fiona Lyon says:

    Dear Daisy…….Leny Salim who is a dear friend of mine…..we went to High School together and have just recently reconnected…..told me about you and I have been following you through Leny…..I am wondering if you have any plans to do workshops in the Los Angeles area in the coming year? San Francisco is just a little too far for me to travel and I would be honored to attend your workshop (s). Thank you for your time.

    Fiona Lyon

    • daisy_lee says:

      Ni Hao from Beijing, Fiona!

      Thank you to Leny for introducing us. I plan to hold a workshop in the LA area next year and will let you know as the scheduling unfolds…or you can check on my “Workshops & Classes” section now and then too.

      Thanks for your kind thoughts, Fiona – I look forward to meeting and “playing Qigong” in person in the near future!



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