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Toronto Workshop Photos & Holiday Greetings

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Toronto Workshop at Xiaolan’s Health Centre

Already a week has passed since my Toronto workshops…where does the time go?  It seems I am no sooner in the next city before I must leave again.  Time and place seem to be a constant-changing illusion, but one filled with much grace from the wonderful students and friends I meet along the way.

Xiaolan's Clinic - Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong 121209 Some of the students from Toronto Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong

Xiaolan Cleansing Qigong Wksp 121209 Students from Toronto Qigong for Cleansing Workshop

My dear friend and host in Toronto, Dr. Xiaolan Zhao, is as busy as ever at her TCM/alternative therapies clinic.

Xiaolan & Daisy - Clinic 2Dr. Xialan Zhao and Daisy at Xiaolan’s Health Centre in Toronto

Possible RLQ Teacher Certification in Toronto!

Xiaolan’s place feels to be more of a spa than a clinic, with vitamin i.v. drips, infrared saunas and herbal foot baths amongst the plethora of available treatments. And though clients may come in sniffling, gray and bleary-eyed from the chill of the east-coast cold, by the time they leave, their energy is transformed by Xiaolan or the loving care of one of her talented therapists.

In the future, Xiaolan asked me to consider offering a Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong Teacher Certification at her clinic, for after all, Toronto is my city of origin, and the women here need this Qigong as much as any other city in America or Europe.  If you have interest in becoming an RLWQ teacher in Toronto, please let me know so we can plan for this 50-hour training here.

The truth is, I will always have a soft spot for this gritty, creative, abundant place where so much is happening at all hours.  And besides, my family and oldest friends are here and depend on my regular treks north to visit with them for birthday cake, holiday merry-making and TLC!

Ming's 48th BirthdayBrother, Ming, celebrating his birthday with our niece and nephews

Daisy & Jane Daisy with dear friend, Jane Glassco, renowned for putting the “fun” back in “dysFUNctional” , “FUNdraising” and other FUNky activites.

Thank you, once again to Xiaolan for welcoming me to your centre to teach – you know you are like a sister to me – and kudos to Nelia, her trusty assistant, for her organizational skills which made everything run so smoothly.

Xiaolan & Daisy @ Clinic Daisy, Xiaolan and Kwan Yin in the Background

Also, to Sifu Rupert Harvey (sorry I forgot my camera for that workshop!) of Golden Harmony Healing & Martial Arts for hosting me for the second day of workshops.  And to my returning students as well as those new to Qigong – thank you for your warm welcome and your desire to continue learning and growing your wisdom and self-knowledge on this, your healing journey.

Heart of My Home in Canada 121709 A heart that formed after a branch was cut from an old tree at my ancestral home outside Toronto, Canada…

I wish you all much love, gratitude, peace and joy throughout the holiday season and beyond, and look forward to sharing Qi and Qigong with you again in the coming year!

Much Love and Aloha,



6 Responses to “Toronto Workshop Photos & Holiday Greetings”
  1. Jane Siek says:

    Hi Daisy,
    We met long time ago in 2001 at the SF Qigong Conference. With Dr. Effie Chow and others. You tols me you came from Semarang Indonesia too, remember? I tried to meet you last year when you were in Holland (Angela from Canada mailed me that you were coming!), but my email went lost I think, no answer from you. Now if you do come here again this year, be sure we meet OK. I will be out of town until the 16th of May, but let’s meet on the 17th of May OK. Regards to Francesco,
    Love, arohanui,

    • daisy_lee says:

      Hi Jane!

      So lovely to reconnect! I am not from Semarang…my late husband’s family were, but I have visited there. Yes, let’s get together in Amsterdam if there is time. I will write you about my schedule later.



  2. Jane Siek says:

    Hi Daisy,
    Let me know when you have time.
    Looking forward to see you in Amsterdam!
    Big Hug and lots of belly laughs,

  3. Lila Clarkson says:

    Hi Daisy,
    I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Qigong in Uxbridge on Jan. 16.
    I found I resonated with this form of health and longevity more so than yoga.
    I was especially pleased to have my daughter take part in your presentation. (I brought you a tea at break.) She,too, found insight and possibilities in your words.
    She lost her only baby on the delivery room table on July 8, 2010 and we were hoping to connect with you on this matter, but you were so very busy and we didn’t want to intrude any more then necessary.
    She is hoping and praying that her little angel,Luke, will have a sister or brother some day soon.
    Thanks for your courage to continue public speaking and carrying your message of Qigong and the Tibetan chant.
    I hope our paths will cross again..
    Yours in Love and Laughter,

    • daisy_lee says:

      Dear Lila,

      It was a pleasure to share Qigong with you, your daughter and the incredible group of women from Uxbridge. Thank you for your kindness in bringing me a tea during break and taking a moment to say hello. I am very sorry that your daughter lost her baby, and pray that she will be blessed with another opportunity to become a mom in the near future. Perhaps the Women’s Qigong will help.

      I will be in Toronto to teach this weekend before I leave for the US, and am happy I stopped in Uxbridge to teach such a fine group of women.

      Thanks again for your love and support, and I trust our paths will cross again too.

      Much Love and Hugs,


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