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Qigong DVDs Featuring Daisy Lee

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Qigong For Stress DVD featuring Daisy Lee & Francesco Garripoli

Qigong For Stress DVD featuring Daisy Lee & Francesco Garripoli

Hi!  Many people were asking if I have other DVDs besides the Radiant Lotus Qigong for Women. In fact, I do have 3 other Qigong DVD’s in which I co-teach with my dear friend, Francesco Garripoli:

Qigong for Stress Relief is our simplest set to gently de-stress and lift your energy quickly.  This DVD is often endorsed by busy parents as well as corporate executives whose time is at a premium, but is also great for seniors needing easy ways to recharge their immunity.

Qigong for Cleansing is one of our most popular sets and is used to detoxify the internal organs as well as the ‘wei qi’ field that resides outside the body.  It takes only about 10 minutes to do, yet has a profound effect as it has helped many people to balance their weight (this set done twice a day helps people lose about 7 lbs. a month, but also strengthens those who are underweight).  This Qigong also supports those on anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medications to detox and release old patterns.  Many practitioners have reported to us that they were able to reduce or eliminate these medications and limit alcohol use after practicing this Qigong regularly.

Qigong Beginning Practice – 2 dvd set – this was our first set, though by no means only for beginner’s. As you will find, there are a few more complex movements in this set than any of the other DVD’s, providing both gentle release and a more challenging workout.  In the set called “Wuji Hundun” otherwise known as “Chaos Qigong” when we refer to our 103-year old Master Duan Zhi Liang’s style of Qigong, there is much to keep the body strong and limber while at the same time, opening the heart and mind to affect positive change.  There is also a wonderful Shaolin Massage that we share at the end of the set to help relax while activating the body’s self-healing potential.  The second DVD is our documentary that aired on PBS television called “Qigong – Ancient Chinese Healing for the 21st Century”…

To purchase any of the above DVD’s, click on this link:

I hope you enjoy “playing Qigong” with me and Francesco and thank you always for your kind support of our work!  Aloha and Mahalo,  Daisy


35 Responses to “Qigong DVDs Featuring Daisy Lee”
  1. Thanks for posting. Seems to be oriental approach of relieving stress.
    I would like to find out more about Qigong for Stress Relief. Perhaps you could give me some more information in other posting or just email me.

    • daisy_lee says:

      Yes, Qigong is a traditional Chinese approach to stress relief, and is fast becoming popular in the west. The slow, graceful movements synchronized with deep, gentle breathing and mindful intent help people to relax and release tension while improving immune health, mental focus and physical balance. You will find the DVD on my website along with others that we created. Thank you for taking the time to write. We wish you much peace and joy in all your endeavors.

  2. Michelle Choquette says:

    I have been doing very simple Qigong moves for a few years. I had purchased all 3 Qigong DVD’s by Francesco & Daisy Lee a few years ago. Just recently I started to use them again. Oh my, did I get a surprise. The cleansing DVD left me feeling like a block, a lump. Never has my lack of co-ordination been so evident. I just watched the ending where Francesco & Daisy Lee do the complete routine. It was beautiful to watch. So fluid & flowing. But I’m a determined person & I am going to continue following the 3 DVD’s. They are very calming & soothing to me.
    I came to this website hoping to find different Qigong sessions. I’m interested in the Radiant Lotus Qigong. Is it available in a DVD?
    Thank you Daisy Lee [& Francesco] for making this ancient practice available to anyone who is interested.
    Much peace,

    • daisy_lee says:

      Dear Michelle,

      Thank you for your kind thoughts, and for trying our DVD’s again! Sometimes Francesco and I recommend that practitioners learn just a few movements each session rather than doing the whole thing all at once so that your muscle memory builds as your body adjusts to ways it hasn’t moved in a long time. Take the time to feel each movement and don’t worry too much about completing the routine at first. You may find that you receive more benefit that way and also enjoy the practice more. :)

      Regarding my Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong DVD, yes it is available online under the ‘Products’ page. I thank you for your support in advance and trust you will enjoy health and radiance as you practice!

      Take good care, Michelle, and thanks for writing in with your thoughts!

      Warm Regards,


      • Michelle says:

        Dear Daisy,
        I think the universe has brought us together.
        I never knew you had answered my e-mail until today. The e-mail I received was about a comment to Radiant Lotus. Clicking on the comments I saw mine to you & your response.
        Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to “talk” to me.
        I will be purchasing the Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong DVD. I need to start up my Qigong practice again. This DVD sounds very interesting. I wish I had known about this DVD years ago, but since I was blessed with my children & I was older, my treatment for fibroids was a hysterectomy. I hope this will help with post menopausal issues.
        Is the Lotus Rising II DVD available? That is something I could use.
        I hope that you are well & healthy Daisy Lee. I have been touched by your philosophy & my intention is to find a better place, mentally, physically, & spiritually in 2016.
        Take care Daisy Lee, my thoughts are with you.
        Blessings & peace.

        • daisy_lee says:

          Dear Michelle,
          Lovely to reconnect here, and thank you for your kind words, which I just read today as it somehow didn’t come through to me directly. I am working on a website renovation, so that may be the reason! Michelle, I hope you have had a chance to practice with the DVD since we last communicated and are feeling positive results. I will have the Lotus Rises DVD out soon, but am still doing the final touches on the edit. It is sure to be ready by this summer though!
          Take good care, Michelle, and wishing the best of health and a fun and joyful summer. xoxo

          • Michelle P. Choquette says:

            Dear Daisy Lee,

            So great to receive your e-mail.
            I look forward to the Lotus Rises DVD.
            Yes, I have been practicing the Radiant Lotus DVD. My husband came home earlier than expected, just before the healing sounds segment. He asked me if I was “okay” lol.
            Wishes back to you for a healthy & fun summer.
            Thank you.
            Blessings of peace, love, & health

          • daisy_lee says:

            Michelle, that is very funny about your husband’s response, but not unexpected about the healing sounds. Some have described it as a “laser” effect, as the focalized tone goes right into the specified area to do its work. It may not sound pretty, but what it does can be beautiful. In my advanced classes I have an adaptation of the Tibetan Sounds in a song, but it has only been taught only in person. Perhaps one day you will be able to join me in a class to experience it first hand. :) Take good care and many blessings to you too.

          • Michelle P Choquette says:

            Hello Daisy Lee,

            Thank you for replying to my questions.
            I will definitely keep an eye open to your Massachusetts schedule. I would love to have a class with you. So, this will be an intent I will send out for 2017.
            A Tibetan song sounds interesting. Let me warn you, I can barely carry a tune lol.
            Happy Holidays to you & yours Daisy Lee.
            Peace, blessings, & love

          • daisy_lee says:

            Hi Michelle,

            Not to worry about your singing voice as chanting is actually quite different than singing. The intent is to vibrate the affected center with a straight tone, not carry a melody, so you will be just fine. :) Happy Holidays to you and yours too, Michelle! :)

  3. Lucia says:

    Hi Daisy Lee, I would like to buy your DVD titled ‘Radiant Lotus Qigong for Women’. I suffer from endometrosis. It makes me suffer so much :( I think this DVD can help me rid myself from this terrible condition. I have been unable to find your DVD in the UK, can you please tell me where I can get it from. Thank you, Lucia

    • daisy_lee says:

      Hi Lucia, Sorry to hear of your painful condition and I hope my DVD is able to support you in your healing. Endometriosis can also be positively affected by food, so do take a look at your nutrition to see if it needs modification. I would refrain from eating too much soy or foods that contain soy as high estrogen foods may affect your condition adversely. Of course stay away from refined sugar and salt, fried foods, and sodas, including diet ones. If you can manage that, it is already a lot to shift, and the Qigong will be even more effective. Take good care and my best wishes for your health and happiness.

  4. Michelle says:

    Dear Daisy Lee,

    I think the universe brought us together.
    I received an e-mail about a comment on Radiant Lotus Qigong. I saw my comment & your answer. I didn’t know until today that you had written back to me.
    It means a lot to me. Thank you.
    I’m going to purchase the Radiant Lotus for Women DVD. I’m also interested in the Lotus Rising II [ I think that's the one I saw a memo about ]. Is it available for purchase?
    I need to get back to practicing Qigong. My intention for 2016 is to find a better place mentally, physically, & spiritually. I love your philosophy. Very simple, very peaceful & loving.
    I hope you are well & healthy Daisy Lee.
    Peace & blessings,

    • daisy_lee says:

      Michelle, my pleasure to help however I can. Perhaps you can join me at a workshop one day, depending on where you are located, or you can study with one of my certified instructors. I will be putting up a list of instructors in the next month or so on my site…going through a site renovation, which I hope to complete soon. Peace and Blessings to you too. :)

  5. Michelle says:

    Hello Daisy Lee,

    I would like you to know that I received your Radiant Lotus Qigong DVD. It’s amazing. It would be a great practice to do before a dry body brushing & shower.

    Thank you so much for having a Qigong practice for women’s issues.

    I do have a question. Since I no longer have any reproductive organs, does this practice benefit any other abdominal organs?

    Again, thank you Daisy Lee. You radiant such peace & tranquility. You are an inspirational teacher.

    Blessings & much peace.


    • daisy_lee says:

      Dear Michelle,

      Happy to hear you received the RLWQ DVD and are enjoying the practice with us. :)

      Regarding no longer having reproductive organs, that is not a problem as the signature around the organs still exist even when it is not physically present any longer. It is much like a war vet who has had a leg amputated: if you do not clear the whole leg, including the missing part, when energy work is done, then the pain will continue. For women who have had hysterectomies, it is different as the pain can go away, but the energy field around the body should still be treated as whole. Also, the intestines, bladder and pelvic floor still require continued support, so it is important to practice regardless of whether one has had surgery or not.

      I hope this helps in your understanding, Michelle. Take good care and wishing you peace and joy in your practice and all you do. :)

  6. Fe Corujo says:

    Hello Daisy …from Argentina!! I have just puchased the woman qi gong Dvd.Thank you for it !!!!!♥♥♥ I have started a daily practice and I wonder if this qigong may be practiced during the mentruation period .Thanks !! and blessing and peace._/\_

    • daisy_lee says:

      Hola Fe! Sorry I didn’t see this post until now! I’m so glad you have the women’s DVD and trust that it has helped you to balance your cycles. Once your periods are flowing well, then you don’t need to do the cupping of the abdomen as often, especially during menstruation, but you can continue all other sections of the routine for hormonal and immune health. Many women have broken down benign lumps and bumps in their breasts and uterus with the Shaking and Cupping routine. Take good care, Fe, and my best wishes for your most radiant health. :)

  7. Rosanne says:

    Are you still planning on creating the Lotus Rising DVD?

    • daisy_lee says:

      Hi Rosanne! Yes, it is almost finished editing! I’ll put a post here when or email you when it’s done. If you’re on Facebook, I usually put the word out there too. Thanks for your interest and support. Will you be attending the September event in Lenox, Massachusetts where I’m teaching the form Sept. 26 – Oct. 1?

  8. Patricia Brooks says:

    Do you have any plans to visit Canada? I am interested in Radiant Lotus Womens Qigong. Is it only for women wishing to avoid PMS problems or for all women in general?
    Thank you.

    • daisy_lee says:

      Hi Patricia….I teach in Toronto at least once a year and will be putting together my 2017 schedule soon. No, RLWQ is not only for women wishing to avoid PMS symptoms, but for women of all ages, from puberty years to post-menopause. It is used as both a prevention and treatment for health concerns unique to women. I hope you will have a chance to attend a class or workshop in future. I also have certified instructors in Canada and will be putting together a certified instructors page in the future when my site is finished renovations. Thanks for your interest, Patricia, and look forward to sharing Qigong with you in the future!

      • Patricia says:

        Thank you for your prompt reply. I will look out for your schedule or hopefully you will email it so that I may take part in your classes. I am currently doing 24 Posture Qigong and it has helped me immensely, but I would also like to do yours as I like the motion and movement – it is much like Tai Chi,
        Thanks again.

  9. Michelle P. Choquette says:

    Hello Daisy Lee,

    I just read your answer to Roseanne regarding the Rising Lotus DVD. I am excited that it is almost ready. Will it contain more healing sounds? Please post it’s availability on the Radiant Lotus Qigong site for those of us who aren’t on Facebook. Thank you.

    I have questions regarding the Radiant Lotus DVD. Can you do each of the segments as a stand alone work out? I like to break up my Qigong sessions into smaller sets as I don’t have a large block of time to practice Qigong & the RL DVD is 60 minutes. So, depending on my needs time restraints, are the three segments effective if practiced by themselves? I like the cupping & shaking as a prelude to dry body brushing & cleansing shower. The massage segment is very relaxing after a busy/stressful day. The healing sounds I would like to incorporate every day. Right now, I have a 30 day program which takes 7-8 minutes & for me, this is perfect as I’m doing Qigong every day where with programs that are 20, 30 minutes I may not find the time.

    I just saw that you were in Massachusetts. I’m a state away in New Hampshire.

    Have a safe & pleasant journey to Poland.

    Thank you for your time & attention to my questions.

    Peace & blessings Daisy Lee [love that your given name means Radiant Lotus, if fits ]

    • daisy_lee says:

      Hi Michelle!

      Happy to “meet” you here! Regarding the Radiant Lotus DVD, yes – by all means, you can do the segments separately as stand-alone exercises. That is how some of my students practice as well. Women’s lives are ALWAYS busy, so we may not be able to fit all that we want in one session, and the way you have described adapting to your schedule is perfect.

      I will be back to MA area next year so keep an eye out on my schedule as dates are confirmed. :)

      Thank you for your kind thoughts, Michelle…I wish you peace and radiant health always.

      Warmest Regards,

      PS. I will definitely put the word out on the upcoming DVD’s soon! Still waiting for my final website renovation to be completed before I announce this! :)

  10. Fe says:

    Thank you Michelle for the question , because I wonder the same. In fact i had begun to practice in 2 times ( 1 cupping -shake and massage ( at morning) 2 sounds (at evening ).I

    Thank you Daisy for your answer and for your Dvd . i am in Argentina so I am very grateful for this material.
    Blessings !!!
    Love and peace _/\_


    • Michelle P Choquette says:

      Hola Fe,

      You’re welcome about the question.
      I’m happy to learn that the 3 segments in the Radiant Lotus DVD can be practiced on their own. Now, I can incorporate them into my work out schedule.
      I have all of Daisy Lee’s Qigong DVD’s. The stress relief one is a favorite of mine.
      I can’t wait until the Rising Lotus DVD is ready.
      Fe, I hope you enjoy practicing Qigong. I do.
      Peace & blessings to you in Argentina.

  11. Fe says:

    Thank you Michelle for the question , because I wonder the same. In fact i had begun to practice in 2 times ( 1 cupping -shake and massage ( at morning) 2 sounds (at evening ).I

    Thank you Daisy for your answer and for your Dvd . i am in Argentina so I am very grateful for practicing with this material.
    Blessings !!!
    Love and peace _/\_


  12. Oxana says:

    Dear Daisy,
    I ordered your DVD on this website, but have heard nothing from you since 30.11.16.I began to worry if you at all can send it to Russia. Order № 8889695 Please let me know what is going on

    • daisy_lee says:

      Dear Oxana, Our fulfillment house received your order on Dec. 1, which is the day it was sent out. It does take longer for international orders to arrive, as we don’t have next-day shipping for overseas orders as the costs are exorbitant. Do let me know when the DVD arrives and wishing you vibrant health in your practice. Kind Regards, ~ Daisy

      • Oxana says:

        Dear Daisy,
        I do understand that it takes a lot of time to get here, but is it possible to get tracking number as the address we gave was just a post office address. We live in a forest and have no address for delivery. So we need a tracking number to know when the parcel arrives to the post office. Thank you in advance!
        Wiah you all the best!

        • daisy_lee says:

          Dear Oxana, The package was sent first class international and the only number they gave the fulfillment house is Custom #:
          LC973183091U. I hope this helps. Let me know when you receive the DVD and my best wishes for your radiant health! Kind Regards, ~ Daisy

          • Oxana says:

            Dear Dasy,
            Thank you very much!! It is just what I needed! The parcel is in Moscow now, so I am expecting it in a week at my nearest post office! I am very exited and can’t wait to get it! I will let you know when I get it!
            All the best!

          • daisy_lee says:

            Dear Oxana! So happy to hear the package is now in your country! Yay! Almost time to celebrate – it will be like Christmas! Take good care and enjoy good health during the holiday season, and throughout the year! :) Warmest Regards, ~Daisy

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