Thursday, January 23, 2020


Instructional DVDs

The Qigong for Women’s Health Series

Daisy released her long-awaited Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong, Level I DVD in 2009, the first DVD in her Qigong for Women’s Health Series. The DVD was originally created as educational support material for women who had taken Daisy’s Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong workshops, but with a growing demand by students who could not study with her in person due to geographical or economic challenges, the DVD series is now available to serve more women through Daisy’s publisher, YMAA.

These unique exercises address health concerns unique to women. Below is a synopsis of each program, which has been conveniently color-coded for ease of ordering.  Each program is different, with the exception of one or two overlapping elements.  To order this series of DVD’s please visit:

Beginner Qigong for Women (DVD 1): Radiant Lotus Healing Qigong Exercises (green…this was the original DVD shot in an intimate workshop setting with Daisy’s warm and personable teaching style. It is a must-have for any woman who wishes to prevent and treat hormonal imbalances ranging from PMS to menopause symptoms. The techniques also have the potential to break up stagnations in the breasts and uterus, including benign tumors, cysts and fibroids. When combined with proper nutrition and emotional release techniques taught in class, this important Qigong has empowered countless women in reclaiming their personal health and healing.

Beginner Qigong for Women (DVD 2): Radiant Lotus Medical Qigong Forms (blue) this second in a series of women’s Qigong enhances the essential foundation practice in the Level I DVD, improving Qi flow and peaceful well-being in one’s body through the practice of powerful, but graceful movements. It includes:

  • Enhanced Shaking & Cupping routine, with notations for women with cancer or who are pregnant
  • Lotus Rises From the Water – an empowering movement that releases stagnant Qi from all the joints, stretches the muscles, energizes the internal organs and brings in revitalized Qi for the whole body…a favorite amongst practitioners
  • Anti-aging series for longevity
  • Balancing Movement supports internal as well as external balance and is used to reinforce the wei qi field outside the body.  Helpful for healthcare workers and those vulnerable to the influence of others
  • Bonus:  Acupressure Points for Women

*NOTE:  The two Beginner Qigong for women DVD’s (green and blue) make up the components of Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong (RLWQ), Level 1 Instructor Certification.


Qigong for Women (DVD 3): Lotus Rises Through the Water Medical Qigong Form (pink)…this third in a series is the full Lotus Rises Long Form that is taught in Daisy’s Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong, Level II program. It consists of 16 transformational movements that allow the body to heal deeply from within, while connecting to one’s limitless potential. Daisy takes students through each movement one at a time, showing the grace and power in each flowing movement.  Shot at the Museum of Arts & Sciences in Valencia, Spain, the ancient wisdom of the east comes into present time to find a healthy launching pad for the future.   

*NOTE:  it is recommended that you learn Beginner Qigong for Women 1 & 2 before this DVD as the first two set the foundation for self-healing and solid health before this more advanced form. This DVD is used by certifying instructors for the Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong, Level II program.