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November 28 Radiant Lotus Qigong Workshop on Kaua’i!

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To my students who were able to join me on November 14, thank you, and very happy that you all got home safely through the flood waters on Kahuna Road.  An extra ‘mahalo’ to Jef who insisted his wife, Pearl stay for the afternoon women’s program even though it was their anniversary!  Jef and Pearl flew all the way from Oahu for the Nov. 14 workshops, and Jef came at the end of the day to pick Pearl up…only to find the bridge closed due to massive flood damage on Kahuna Road from the heavy rains.  Thank you, Jef, for rescuing Pearl and guiding students through the flood waters!  Sorry that your anniversary celebration ended on such a soggy note.

Road Closure from Flood Damage on Kahuna Road

Road Closure from Flood Damage on Kahuna Road

Flood Damage on Kahuna Road

Flood Damage on Kahuna Road

Due to several students not being able to cross the bridge, Nov. 28 will be the “rain date” for the workshop. Time will be 1:00-4:00 pm in the Octagon Classroom.  This is open to all levels of practitioners…but women only.  (sorry guys..maybe you can convince Francesco to do a men’s health workshop?)  The morning class is open to both men and women though and is from 9:30 – 11 am.  To register for the afternoon women’s program, please contact me or call (808) 822-4268. Looking forward to a fun and healing time with the lovely ladies of Kaua’i!  If I don’t have a chance to write until after Thanksgiving, have a wonderful holiday and may peace, joy and gratitude be a part of each and every day for you and your loved ones!

Double Rainbow at Kahuna Valley - November 16

Double Rainbow at Kahuna Valley - November 16


4 Responses to “November 28 Radiant Lotus Qigong Workshop on Kaua’i!”
  1. Irmali says:

    Wow Daisy Lee! Your photos are really amazing! From the rainbows, to moon hearts, to Kahuna rd. and the power of nature… thank you for sharing your site!

    • daisy_lee says:

      Aloha Irmali,

      Glad you like the photos…it is so beautiful up here, isn’t it? We are lucky to call this home, even if the driveway disappears on us at times like this. Francesco talked with the guy who keeps his horse down on the lower property and will be calling me in the next couple of days. He’ll be really reasonable as we’re helping him too. I’ll get back to you and Ari with their quote. Take good care and thanks for your help with the road repair this afternoon…women rock! :)

  2. Eraine says:

    How are the repairs coming. The damage looks quite extensive!

    I must agree with Irmali’s comment, the power of nature is amazing!

    • daisy_lee says:

      Aloha Eraine,

      Thank you for your kind thoughts…yes, the road damage was rather extensive, but all is being handled and preliminary repairs were made. On a beautiful day like today you would never know that Kaua’i can be so intense! Thanks for your care and concern, Eraine. :)

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