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Michigan Photos & Upcoming Toronto Workshops

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A big THANK YOU to Sally Rich of the Michigan Tai Chi Association for organizing another awesome workshop in Livonia, Michigan!

(Sally is the beautiful blonde on the far left)

RLQ Kwan Yin Closing in MI lg

RLQ Heart Cleansing MI lg

Sally also used her designer skills to create a gorgeous Radiant Lotus Qigong tote bag, mug and baseball cap for me!  If you’d like to order her creations or one of our Qigong DVD’s for yourself or your loved ones for Christmas, let me know and we’ll do our best to ship the gifts to you on time! (Please note, Sally creations are not on our online site and must be ordered by writing me directly at:

Radiant Lotus Qigong Xmas Gifts!

I’m now in Toronto to prepare for a weekend of workshops at Dr. Xiaolan Zhao’s clinic as well as Rupert Harvey’s Golden Harmony Healing and Martial Arts Center

I hope to see you at one or both workshops and look forward to sharing radiant holiday health with you!

Wishing you Warmest Aloha and Happy Holidays,

~ Daisy


16 Responses to “Michigan Photos & Upcoming Toronto Workshops”
  1. Eraine says:

    Souvenirs! Cooooool. What will I get???

    • daisy_lee says:

      Aloha Eraine!

      I’ll ask Sally about prices if you let me know which one(s) you’d like – she designed the cotton tote bag, baseball cap and mug!
      :) Daisy

      • Eraine says:

        I am interested in both the baseball cap and the tote bag. One, or both, depending on the cost.

        Thank you, Eraine :o )

      • Eraine says:


        I’ll try this again, lol, I am interested in the baseball cap and the lovely tote. Well done Sally.

        Thank you, Eraine

        • daisy_lee says:

          Hi Eraine!

          I’m so glad you like the fun souvenirs! I just got in touch with Sally who is doing a production run and said they would arrive at her place next week! She said she could ship whatever you wanted as soon as she receives them, and may even arrive in time for Christmas. The costs are $11.99 for the baseball cap, $24.99 for the heavy canvas tote bag, and $9.99 for the mug. Shipping and handling would cost $6.95. If you use Paypal, you could use my email to make the payment since I am on the road so much of the time. Let me now if you’d like to place an order and we’ll make it happen!

          Thanks for your enthusiasm for this fun creation and look forward to seeing you in January!

          Warmest Regards,


          • Eraine says:

            Thank you,

            I would like to order the baseball cap and the canvas tote bag, please. I do have a Paypal account, but you will have to guide me through how to use it for this.

            Talk soon, Eraine

            PS I have unlimited long distance for Canada and the mainland U.S. so if we need to talk just send me your current phone number.

          • daisy_lee says:

            Aloha Eraine!

            What is your mailing address for the gifts? I will put the order through to Sally after I hear from you and get back to you about the total cost including shipping. Thank you for your kind support and wishing you and your loved ones the best of the holiday season.

            My cell number is (808) 346-4623 which also works in Canada where I just finished teaching this weekend in Toronto. I will look forward to hearing from you if you need anything, Eraine.

            Warmest Regards,


  2. Eraine says:

    Aloha Daisy!

    I am not certain, but it appears that my answer to the sourvenirs did not get published.

    Sally has done a beautiful job! I am interested in both the baseball cap and the tote bag. If you could let me know the costs for each please, and who I should contact.

    Thanks! See you in January, Eraine

  3. Kimerly Wagstaff says:

    Hi Daisy!…just catching up on your website. The tote bag is darling! What a gift to be so creative. Will you have any of them at RLWQ training next month? Toronto looks cold and wintery. We are awaiting a huge winter storm, later today, for a wintery white Christmas in Utah. I need to make my accomodation reservations for next month. Is the Aston Islander-on-the-Beach a good place to stay?…close to Kahuna Valley? Merry Christmas! Warm regards, Kimerly ps The heart in the tree trunk was beautiful! I’ve been trying to be more observant of hearts around me.

    • Daisy Lee says:

      Hi Kimerly!

      I will indeed have some totes at the training on Kaua’i and will make sure to save one for you!

      It has been chilly on the east coast (of course anything is compared to Kaua’i!)…but I’m enjoying my time with my family and friends which more than makes up for the cold. And it’s not as cold here as in previous years actually…

      Kimerly, do you feel like splitting the Aloha Suite with one of the other students? It is a two-bedroom right on the property with a full-sized fridge and kitchenette and whirlpool tub bathroom that would be shared. If that is to your liking, I’ll email you with details, unless you prefer to have your own place in town. I believe the Aston Islander is quite far away…about 45 min. from our place. As an option, you can try and…the latter is a 5 min. drive away, the latter within walking distance.

      Trusting you had a most wonderful Christmas with loved ones, and wishing you love, peace, joy and radiant health throughout the new year!

      Warmest Aloha,


  4. Jenna_y says:

    Hi Daisy,

    Looks like I just missed your workshop in Toronto :( I would love to receive info on upcoming workshops in Canada. I currently live in Toronto and am moving to B.C. in the fall. Please keep me posted on your endeavors.

    Thank you,


    • daisy_lee says:

      Dear Ash,

      I usually teach in Toronto in December when I visit my family who live there. If you’d like to sign up for my blog on my site, that is usually the best way to get an update on my schedule or I can “friend” you on Facebook.

      I look forward to sharing Qigong with you in person one day. Until then, take good care and wishing you warmest aloha,

      ~ Daisy

    • daisy_lee says:

      Dear Ash,

      So sorry I took a while to get back to you. I often come to Toronto to teach and even occasionally the West Coast of Canada as I have friends and students in Vancouver. This year, however, my family are visiting me on Kaua’i for Christmas, so I may not make it back this winter. Perhaps you can cross the border when I teach in Seattle area, as I was invited to do that next year. I will keep you posted on my website. Untl then, my best wishes for your highest health.

      Warmest Regards,


  5. Aargau says:


    When are you return back to Toronto? I would like to take your Qi Gong training and to improve my general health and energy.



    • daisy_lee says:

      Hi Alan,

      I will be relatively close to Toronto this summer and will be teaching in Ottawa August 13 & 14. If that is of interest, I will email you my host’s contact information. Otherwise I often come to Toronto to teach in winter (January)…you can check my calendar now and then to see or sign up for Francesco’s email newsletter called ‘Breathe Deep’ at Take good care and my best wishes for your health and happiness. Warm Regards ~ Daisy

    • daisy_lee says:

      Hello Alan,

      I will be back to Toronto in January if you would be interested in joining me for workshops then. There are registration details on my Calendar. Hope to see you at a workshop and wishing you a happy holiday season, Alan.



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